Showroom Advantage - the Web's BEST Auto Dealer eCommerce Sites

Showroom Advantage is Broadway Technologies' Auto Dealer eCommerce System.

Any eCommerce web site should be easy for your customer to use. It should be easy for them to understand. It should be easy for them to identify and find the vehicle they are interested in buying. Most of all, it should present that vehicle in an attractive and informative format which stresses the selling points of the vehicle.

Please read our Features and Compare pages to find out how Showroom Advantage sets itself above the field, then visit our demo to see us in action.

Ease of use makes it simple for your customer to use your web site. That means it is easy for them to get to the business of finding the vehicle they want to buy from you!

Customers are never more than one click away from seeing your hottest inventory.

Showroom Advantage saves web site usage information for Advanced Statistical and Marketing Reports that no other system provides.

Plus, every lead through the web site is saved automatically for tracking, and you can add phone and walk-in leads too!

Both the multiple vehicle list, and single vehicle display pages have been optimized to display the information needed to quickly but comprehensively tell your customer about the car he is looking at. In addition, Showroom advantage holds back just enough information to whet their appetite so that they call to find out more.


Showroom Advantage web sites run on state of the art eCommerce web servers, and run on non-capped bandwidth lines that guarantee that our sites run like lightning.

In addition, our web pages are designed and fine-tuned so that they present information just as fast as possible.

No web site gets your customer to your product more rapidly.

While most companies offering dealer web sites are staffed only with web developers, Broadway Tech's owners and staff include not only top notch web designers, but also offer 30 years of computer application development experience. One of our principle owners has owned and operated profitable car dealerships for decades.

We've developed eCommerce sites for many years, and have undertaken deep research into what makes an eCommerce site a success.

Best of all, we lay out exactly what you need to do to best market both your web site, and every vehicle advertised on it.

Our state of the art Text Search feature lets customers find just what they are looking for in a fraction of the time it takes with web sites that use seemingly endless drill down navigation, or make them select one combo box after another before they can see your product.

The comprehensive vehicle database let's you display customized sales copy for each vehicle, as well as that unit's list of options.

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