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Athena - Help Desk, Knowledgebase ... much more!

Important Features

  • easy to use knowledgebase helps you quickly find answers to customer service/support inquiries and send answers in seconds
  • effortlessly add new answers to your knowledgebase
  • Athena can even find suggested answers for a customer's question before you ever see it!
  • collects support cases from web forms, dedicated email addresses, import from regular email, and manual entry for telephone initiated support cases
  • automatically organizes all communications from a single support case into one easy to follow dialog
  • creates Due Dates and To Do lists for your support cases
  • gives your customers complete internet access to the history of their case
  • automatically assigns cases to specialized support personnel
  • allows you to develop in-house knowledgebases for your business
  • good utility for group project management, by creating 'task' cases for project team members to complete and sign off on
  • much, much more!

What is Athena?

Simply put, Athena is a customer support and knowledge base system. Its primary purpose is to help you handle customer questions and support much more easily. The way Athena accomplishes this is by keeping all communications from a customer together in a database. Athena provides your customers with an internet based form with which to originate their questions. It then keeps track of which customer communications haven't yet been answered, and even displays a history of a customer's cycle of communication on the internet. Now, Athena does much more than just this ... details follow. Most importantly, Athena doesn't cost the thousands of dollars other companies charge for customer support expert systems that don't even have all of Athena's features!

Who will Athena help?

  • If you have customers who ask you questions about your products or services, Athena will be a big help to you.
  • If you have products that require customer support, Athena will be a lifesaver to you!

Why will Athena be such a big help?

Here are three big problems with Email customer support:

  • a customer Email gets lost in a mass of Email that you receive all at one time
  • a customer sends a 'follow up' Email, and you have to sort through Email from days earlier to remember what they were asking about in the first place, and hope you haven't already deleted their previous Email!
  • several customers ask the same question over the course of time, and you wind up just typing the same answer over and over again because its a lot of trouble to dig out a previous 'Sent Email' to cut and paste the answer

Athena immediately makes these problems a thing of the past :

  • Athena keeps all customer communications in a database for you. With one click you can see a list of all unhandled communications, along with when the customer sent them.
  • When you use Athena to send an answer to a customer, they also get a link back to your customer support web form. By clicking on that link, they can then ask a follow up question, and Athena links it to the original question. For your customer service rep, the entire history of a cycle of communication is kept all together, and is easy to review.
  • With one click, your customer service rep can add any frequently asked question to Athena's knowledge base, along with keywords for future search. Then, when another customer asks the same question, Athena will help find the previous answer, and will automatically paste it into a reply.

Other Athena features :

  • Not only does Athena make it easy for you to see all of your communications with a customer, but your Athena web page also lets the customer see the entire history of their cycle of communication (along with the date/time stamp for each of their questions and your responses).
  • Since all of the answers to your most common customer support questions are already in Athena's database, Athena lets you assign each question and answer to a Category. Athena provides you with FAQ web pages that use Athena's database. This means that you have an FAQ site that is updated 'on the fly'!
  • In its early stages, Athena's web component is being offered as a service, for a charge equal to that which you would pay your current provider just to maintain an internet dataset connection for you. You'll receive your own customer support domain, "", as part of your Athena service. Athena uses internet client/server technologies that are not supported by every internet provider. So at this time we are hosting your Athena internet component to make sure you get a smooth and easy set up.
  • Athena's 'client' program communicates directly with your database on the web server, making it easy to download new customer communications, and easy to update answers to questions, and your FAQ database entries.
  • Athena is a fully featured knowledge base, making it easy to pull out answers to any questions. The knowledge base also addresses the common problem of 'corporate knowledge', an important commodity that ebbs and flows as you lose employees. By making sure that critical corporate information and procedures are stored in Athena knowledge bases, you'll no longer struggle to regain lost corporate knowledge.
  • Management reports let you track your customer support timeliness, your customers' satisfaction with the service they are getting, and the types of information or problems your customers are contacting you about. You'd be surprised just how many corporations stay so busy with day to day work effort that they lose touch with the trends of customer concern and curiosity. If you've ever had an employee who just kept handling a particular problem and never told anyone it needed to be fixed, you understand this point. Athena will help you identify these situations before they cost you money and customers.
  • With all of this functionality, you might expect a big learning curve for software like Athena. However, we've worked hard to make Athena very simple to learn. You'll be very pleased just how easy Athena is to set up and use!

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