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 Automation Blueprint

Broadway Technologies and SFA Technologies, the authors of OrderMaster have put our product lines together to provide an Automation Blueprint to meet your sales organization's needs. The best part is, this automation blueprint provides productivity gains and other benefits that will actually save, and make, more money for your company!

Step 1 : OrderMaster

OrderMaster uses Symbol's handheld laser bar code scanners to give your sales reps the ability to quickly and reliably take orders.

Convenience, efficiency, accuracy ... This is what you need in your sales organization, and OrderMaster delivers with a system that hits the bulls eye!

Step 2 : Web Transfer

Our Web Transfer system allows you upload orders directly to our web server from the field or the showroom. Then your home office will simply download them and import them into your fulfillment software.

Simple ... fast ... error free

Step 3 : Online eCommerce

Online eCommerce frees up time for your sales reps by letting your customers use a self-service "Business to Business" online shopping cart to place the bulk of their orders. Done correctly, this can free up 70 to 90 percent of your sales reps' time to prospect for new business! Yep ... you should have had this in place a LONG time ago.

Broadway Technologies' Vortex B2B eCommerce system is a fully featured answer to this need. Just click here for more details.

Step 4 : Customer Service

The Athena Customer Support system lets you quickly put the answers to frequently asked questions on your web site, plus it organizes and double checks every customer support communication you receive. It won't let your people drop the ball on a customer's question or problem, because you can instantly see a list of all unhandled communications.

Every week you delay implementing this Automation Blueprint for your business is costing you money.

Don't procrastinate, call right now.

To read the Automation Blueprint in more detail, click here.

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