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In the current business dynamic, your company's web site is just as important as the appearance of your physical place of business, and in some cases it may be more important. Today, a customer's first impression is often made when they look you up on the Internet.

If they can't find you, then they may be going to your competitor whose web site they can find. If they do find you and your web site design is amateurish or poorly organized, it can leave them with a bad or frustrating impression. Today, not having a web site, or using a poorly designed web site, is a serious business mistake.

Another mistake commonly made by companies as they put up their web site is using a false economy of half measures. They may correctly decide they should have a shopping cart on their web site, then use a free or cheap shopping cart that neither conveys a professional image, nor correctly fits their product offerings.

If it were suggested to these companies that they could save money when they opened a store by only installing the bottom shelf of six shelf product displays, they would know - without thinking - all of the many reasons why that would be an error. Yet these same very talented business people often make what amounts to that mistake when deciding on a design and budget for their web site. Then they wonder why their foray into Internet eCommerce was a failure.

  • Would a restaurant decide to save money by only putting one chair at each table?
  • Would a car dealer decide to save money by only stocking cars with no engine and no steering wheel?
  • Would a grocery store decide to save money by putting up their store name on a cardboard sign written in magic marker?
  • Would a stereo system store owner put all of his inventory in a store he let his teenage nephew build in his spare time?

Of course not! Yet similar mistakes are all too common when it comes to having their web site designed!

At Broadway Technologies, you've found people that are dedicated to help you get your web site right, and without costing you a fortune. We don't just make web pages ... we give you the benefit of our years of experience in web design, layout, interface design, copywriting, marketing, and technical performance ... all with an experienced eye toward making your web site attract your kind of customer.

You may have heard horror stories from business associates about web sites that ran significantly over budget and months or even years behind schedule. They weren't fooling you, that happens a lot in this business. It happens because of inexperienced developers with little or no project management background, and often with poor work habits.

We approach web design from a strict project management schedule. In web site design, we've done it all, and we know how long it takes to perform each task. Once we find out what your web site needs, we will give you a firm price for its completion. There are no cost overruns, ever. The only thing that can increase the quoted price of your web site is if you ask for extra features that weren't included in the original design specification.

We'll also finish your web site within a reasonable and prompt time frame. Although the exact timetable for completing a web site often depends on how quickly our client furnishes materials we need from them, once we have those materials we can give you a very good estimate of when your web site will be up and running.

Broadway Technologies also offers services that most web design companies aren't capable of performing. Among them are the ability to do a professional photo shoot for your business and products, and to write clear and professional copy to assist in marketing your business.

We have many methods for developing web sites, designed to fit any realistic budget. Contact us today. We'll help you figure out exactly what you need in your web site to best benefit your business, and give you a firm price for producing the professional look and operation your web site needs.

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