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Important Features

  • most attractive and user friendly interface of any shopping cart package
  • sales driving features like Favorites Lists, display of previous orders for order entry, product email notification, discount display, accessories listings, and much more!
  • eliminates order taking errors, and frees up your sales force to pursue new business
  • makes available to you every feature that you can find on huge eCommerce sites like Amazon.com or BestBuy.com, but at a small fraction of the price they paid to develop theirs!
  • completely customizable to match your existing web site
  • completely customizable to dovetail with your business practices ... Vortex changes to do business the way you do, you don't have to change your business to fit Vortex, as is the case with other shopping carts.

Vortex is a Business to Business eCommerce system that makes it easy for you to provide a convenient online order system for your customers.

Continue reading this page for information about why Business to Business eCommerce is an important tool for your company's success, or click on the Features link to see a detailed list of the tools offered by Vortex to help your business.

In today's business climate, your internet presence is as important in establishing credibility with your customers as your physical plant, the impression made by your customer representatives, or your printed sales materials. Quite often, buyers now look on the internet first to find information about companies they are considering as a vendor, and first impressions are still key in attracting a new customer.

In a wholesale environment, if you don't have the correct web presence, you are losing money, and you don't even realize it yet. Your web presence may or may not attract substantial new business. But if your competitor is using a web site that makes it easier to do business with them than with you, they are going to be getting your customers ... one by one.

Now let's look at this from the other direction : If you are using a web site that makes it easier to do business with you, you are going to get your competitors' customers ... one by one.

With Vortex, we don't just supply you with a Business to Business (B2B) shopping cart, we provide you with a fully integrated data processing system. This system makes it very easy and convenient for your customers to place orders and to view their order history. Vortex makes it easy for you to receive orders and to quickly get reports about all of your customer's online order activity. It integrates with other tools to help you manage customer service, to provide up to date information for your customers, and to help potential new customers learn about your company, and your products and services.

We customize each implementation of Vortex to meet the mission and special requirements of your line of business.

Please use the links above to read further about how a correctly implemented internet presence will help your company, what tools Vortex provides to help you, and how those tools work.

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